• Goods handling, checking and storage.
  • Towage and salvage services.
  • Provide fuel and water.
  • Inland sea freight, freight forwarding and shipping agent.
  • Berthing and mooring service
  • Garbage removal and other related marine services.

Chu Lai – Truong Hai Port is located on Truong Giang River in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone which is the major economic regions in the central regions of Vietnam. It is approximately 80 kilometers from Da Nang City and 20 kilometers from Dung Quat Economic Zone. It is beneficial in line with the development strategy of mechanical, automotive, petrochemical industries.

Channel and Berth Information:
Length: 11 km (from the buoy 0)
Depth: – 8.7 m.
Tidal regime: Semi-diurnal tides.
Tidal range: 1.2 m.
The highest tide for Port Enter/Exit: ≤ 6.8 m.
The heaviest deadweight vessel: 20,000 DWT