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Danatrans With the strategic participation in the global value chain and the continuous improvement on our strengths and competitive advantages, Danatrans Group has been continually developed since 2004 with the main goal to become one of the leading logistics enterprises in the ASEAN region. Moreover, our mission is essentially to provide the most appropriate logistics solutions in order to optimize efficiency, cut costs and save resources for a large clientele with their main purposes of improving their competitiveness and concentrating on their core businesses.

The logistics services system of Danatrans Group has been entirely integrated from a wide variety of specific services as following:

– Road transport services
– Ocean transport services
– Port services
– Warehousing services
– Multimodal transport services

Moreover, our management philosophy as “Specialize for effectiveness, associate for competitive advantages”, we offers an effective and optimal integrated logistics solutions for a large clientele spanning a wide range of industry and business types.

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